Risks and Opportunities

Key risks in the PKP CARGO Group

GRI G4-2

Strategic risks

  1. Macroeconomic and market risk;
  2. Regulatory risk;
  3. Risk associated with shortage of trained personnel;
  4. Risk associated with the rail infrastructure;

Operational risks

  1. Risk of collective disputes and strikes;
  2. Business process risks: purchases, planning and execution of transport, maintenance and repair of rolling stock, sales, IT and other;
  3. Cargo security risk;

Financial risk

  1. Liquidity risk;
  2. Interest rate and FX rate risk;
  3. Credit risk

Reputation and compliance risk

  1. Risk of incompliance with prevailing regulations and standards;
  2. Abuse risk;
  3. Environmental damage risk;
  4. Accident at work risk

In PKP CARGO S.A. subsidiaries, risk management issues are captured in other management systems prevailing in such companies, i.e. Integrated Management System for: quality, information security, OSH and environmental, Safety Management System (SMS) and Maintenance Management System (MMS).