„Passion of the next generations”

We are a team of people who are keen to develop and are not afraid of challenges. We are one of the largest and most reliable employers in Poland.

PKP CARGO provides room for development and pursuit of career ambitions. We ensure an extensive programme of training and upskilling. We provide stable terms of employment and a friendly atmosphere, based on respect, ethical conduct and best practices. The success of PKP CARGO is built by people, which is why we value every single staff member. We are one of the largest and most reliable employers in Poland.


Train dispatcher, PKP Cargo. With PKP since 1985. Collects railway-themed postage stamps from around the world.


My ties with the railways developed still in my secondary school, when I commuted to school by train for five years on the Barcin – Inowrocław line. I started working for PKP in 1985, continuing our family traditions. My mum’s brothers worked at the railways and now, apart from me, also my brother is a railway man.

Initially, I worked as a Forwarder at the Inowrocław Rąbinek station. After 15 years I was moved to the Janikowo station, where I worked as a Train Dispatcher. I discharged this function also at the Inowrocław station, although I worked more at a computer than on the railway tracks. It is here where, after 30 years of work, I saw for the first time an electric locomotive – ET-22 from the inside. I drove the wagons to the home station of Inowrocław Rąbinek. This was a ride at a speed of ... 10 km/h.

Currently I’m employed at the position of GTW Senior Dispatcher in the Company’s North Unit in the Transport and Operations Section in Bydgoszcz. I deal with PKP Cargo’s freight wagon management.


For 40 years my passion has been collecting postage stamps from around the world, especially railway-themed stamps. I have never been attracted by international travel so I would bring stamps back from my travels around Poland. I looked them in philatelic shops because it was difficult to collect the whole series at the post office.

To me, stamps are little works of art. My most interesting specimens showing wagons with old locomotives come from Cuba, Guatemala, Paraguay or Israel. In my collection I have stamps with amazing denominations, e.g. the whole series issued on the anniversary of establishing the Virtuti Militari Order from 1992 and a stamp from the Barcelona Olympic Games from 1992 with – both with the denominations of PLN 20,000.


Foreman, PKP Cargo. With PKP since 1986. Amateur carpenter in his leisure time.


I have been raised in a railway tradition because my parents had professional connections with PKP units. Also my wife and her parents and siblings pride themselves on railway traditions.

My adventure with the railways started soon after I completed my automotive vocational school before I was drafted to the army. In PKP I was hired to work for the railway crane repair unit, for the combustion engine repair workshop, to be more precise, where I still work today; so I’ve been there for over 31 years. After six years I became a Foreman. I’ve been improving my qualifications all the time: I became qualified to operate screw lifts, davits and trap doors. Then I obtained the qualifications to maintain these machines and railway cranes.

In my work I was also involved in: construction, carpentry, painting, panel laying, plumbing, glazing, tin-smithing and electricity, so practically everything for which I gathered skills and experience while building my house. In all these activities in I am accompanied by my crew colleagues, whom I can always count on.


To improve my skills, outside work, I obtained the qualifications of a MIG and MAG and TIG welder, which helps me lot in pursuing my passion. Some furniture that I design and make combine wood and metal, which offers huge possibilities and stimulates my imagination.

As it’s often the case, it was my dreams that drove me towards my passion. I really wanted to have wooden terrace furniture, but since my terrace is quite big I decided to design and make the furniture myself. The design and making process exceeded my expectations and encouraged me to make something else. At the time my little daughters wanted a swing. I had an idea right away and, although it was quite brave as the swing was to be 4 meters high, I decided to implement it. The children’s joy was just priceless! And that’s how I fell in love with what I do.

Over the years there have been more ideas and more needs. My eldest daughter moved out and asked me to build a bench with a spacious chest which she proudly shows to everyone until this day. Once I made a surprise for her and after she came back from holiday there were two chairs and wooden table waiting for her on the balcony, perfect for a summer al fresco breakfast.

Whatever needs to be done, I always put my whole heart into it, and what I’m most happy and proud about is that I do everything with my own hands. The satisfaction is great!


Head of the Transport Logistics Department, PKP Cargo. With PKP since 1980. Her passion is to write books.


Employed in PKP’s structures since 1980. For 18 years I worked in PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe as a Traffic Controller and then in administration in the freight transport sector. I occupied different positions - from a Specialist in the then Marketing Department to Head of the Transport Organization and Technology Department. In 2009 I established from scratch the Logistics Department and now, following different restructurings, I’m the Head of the Transport Logistics Department.

Currently I work in PKP Cargo, in the Company’s Silesian Unit in Tarnowskie Góry. My work involves organization of freight transport in Poland and abroad. I manage a team of 18 people and supervise the transportation process. I have university education in economy (Management and IT). I also completed post-graduate studies in Marketing and PR and then Logistics. For my professional engagement, in 1992 I received the Silver ‘Leading Railway Person’ Award. In 2010, I was awarded with the ‘Railway Person of the Year’ statue and title awarded by the Directors Forum of the then PKP Cargo Silesian Unit. In 2013, I received from PKP S.A. the ‘Railway Person of the Year’ title and in 2015 the honorary ‘Person of Merit in Railways’ award.


My passion is writing books, not only about railways. My literary career started in 1987, when I published my poems on the occasion of the Rybnik Literature Days. I’m the author of a youth novel entitled “Before chestnut trees blossom” and “In the shade of dreams”. My passion and creativity was described many times in the local press and fragments of my books were presented at author’s meetings. In addition, I cooperated with the Betezda publishing house on preparation of a railway monograph entitled “By Rail from Katowice to Racibórz” and “Tarnowskie Góry Station”.

I’m currently working on a volume of poetry entitled “Touch of Words”. Writing poetry I draw inspiration from music, art and the world around me. Sometimes, a single event, word or thought may become an impulse for writing several verses. As Maria Dąbrowska wrote, “letters and art are the sole witnesses of the times”.

I’m engaged in organizing events and in social and charitable activity. I have organized numerous events promoting railways, such as a tour of the Pope’s train from Wadowice to Olza, 150-years of railways in Rybnik and 160 years of the Racibórz-Chałupki rail line. I came up with the idea of donating the figure of Saint Catherine of Alexandria to the Christ King Parish in Czyżowice.

For my social and charitable activity I received the title of “Person of a Golden Heart” awarded by the committee appointed by the “U Nas” monthly.


Environmental Protection Inspector, PKP CARGO. With PKP since 1975. Passionate about physical activity, a marathon runner.


Fascinated by steam trains, in 1975 I started my education and work as a Mechanic in the Locomotive Depot in Tarnowskie Góry. Initially I repaired steam locomotives and then heavy diesel-powered locomotives, commonly referred to as “Gagarin”. After 15 years I joined the Social Department, I organized popular day trips to the Krakowsko-Częstochowska Jurassic Highland, during which you could climb rocks and visit caves.

With time, I was entrusted with issues related to environmental protection. I have been dealing with this area for a dozen or so years. Now I work as an Inspector. I take care of the level and quality of environmental emissions as a result of operation of the rolling stock and buildings. I also deal with the greenery and prevention of environmental damage. As an enthusiast of tourism and field sports, I deeply care for the good and beauty of the natural environment.


I got inspired to run three years ago by my four-legged friend, a foundling German shepherd mix called Rajd - to keep up with him I had to run! With time, I stopped lagging behind.

I got my first medal after completing the Orlen Warsaw Marathon in 2015, which I ran in the PKP Cargo team. Since then, I run whenever I have time. I run regularly, but only for pleasure. I often “race” trains. I have already completed 7 marathons, including a winter mountain one, and several tens of other races. My goal is not to improve my personal records, but to finish the race at the stadium full of supporters. The medals give me a lot of thrill and satisfaction – because of these emotions I recommend this form of activity to everyone who does not run yet.

Apart from running, I love the mountains – from little ones to snow-covered five-thousanders. I often hike and camp in the mountains with a group of fellow railway men. I also took part in an extreme rafting event called “Nie Byle Czym”. This year, I expanded my passions to include ice swimming.


Traction dispatcher, Electronic Logistics Book moderator, PKP Cargo. With PKP since 1975. His hobby is model-making – he has made 40 plastic models of PKP locomotives.


I’m a third-generation railway man – my grandfather and my father also worked on the railways. Since 1975, when I finished the MK Railway Technical College in Gliwice, I have been working in PKP. I occupied different positions, always associated with the traction, among others: Junior Electric Locomotive Driver, Senior Dispatcher and Chief Specialist.

In 1996-1999, I was a member of the team preparing structural change projects in PKP. They were the beginning of the transformation of the company to adapt to the EU requirements. Participation in the team’s thematic works and symposia had significant impact on my professional development.

As a Chief Specialist I had the pleasure of working in the team developing the Electronic Logistics Book system in PKP Cargo. Currently this is one of the key operations management systems in the company.

My distinctions include the Silver and Gold ‘Leading Railway Person’ Award and the ‘Person of Merit for the Polish Transport’ Medal.


I have been making railway models since 1990s. Base on the documentation I have gathered, I have made over 40 plastic models, in the scale of 1:87, of locomotives used by PKP from the interwar period until today. Each model is painted adequately to the period in which it was used. It also has the exact rendition of the interiors of the driver’s cabins and machinery space.

What is interesting, initially I obtained the raw material for the models from used meal trays from PKP Intercity trains. This was a truly surprising sight, when an elegantly dressed man, having arrived at Warsaw, collected used trays in the compartments... There was even time when all my colleagues travelling on business on IC trains collected the trays to supply me with the raw materials.

I exhibited my models at railway exhibitions in Jaworzno Szczakowa, Tarnowskie Góry and even in Brussels.