Our strategy

Description of the strategy

The Group PKP CARGO will become an international logistics operator by 2020 - this is the main assumption of the strategy CARGO’20 which was adopted by the Management Board in autumn 2015. The strategy CARGO’20 reflects four faces of the Group PKP CARGO.


PKP CARGO is still to be an indisputable leader on the Polish market of freight transport. We intend also to increase the railways’ share in trade with Poland’s business partners. Many sectors of the economy have not recognized advantages of the railway transport. We believe that investments in railway infrastructure together with a more effective operation of PKP Group will enable us to significantly increase the transport performance of the Group .


PKP CARGO is to strengthen its position in Central and Southern Europe. The goal is supported by acquisitions (AWT, the Czech transport operator), as well as strategic alliances concluded by the Company with national transport operators (HZ CARGO in Croatia or Trenitalia in Italy). This will enable PKP CARGO to service logistics chains within an area between three seas: the Baltic, the Adriatic and the North Sea.


Intermodal is the transport of goods by means of different transport means, usually containers used eg for transporting different cargos by sea. Goods are transported by trains from ports to terminals further inland and then to final recipients by lorries. The ambition of PKP CARGO is to become a leading transport operator on this market. Apart from transporting containers from Polish ports, the partnership of the New Silk Route is also an important direction for development. PKP CARGO services transports of goods from China by rail. Several transports from China arrive in the terminal in Malaszewicze at the Polish-Belorussian border. Goods are transported by trains of PKP CARGO to recipients in Poland, Germany and Holland.


The trend to provide the customer with complete logistics services becomes more and more visible in the current logistics. The Group PKP CARGO can service whole logistics chains by offering freight forwarding services, access to freight reloading terminals, “first mile” and “last mile” services. The complex offer and the performance of orders are ensured by the Company PKP CARGO CONNECT.