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Social and business partnership

GRI G4-26, G4-EC7

A respectful and professional attitude towards stakeholders is part of the process of strengthening the position of the PKP CARGO Group as a modern and independent logistics operator. For PKP CARGO, corporate social responsibility means doing business in a manner that supports the creation of positive and lasting relationships with the society and the business environment and environmental sustainability, while supporting the achievement of business goals.

In its efforts to implement the above, the Group advances its CSR activities by combining a responsible mindset towards employees, business partners and the natural environment with professional realization of business goals.

It focuses its efforts on enhancing conditions and the environment in the community and area in which it operates. Its incessant attempts to increase the level of safety with regard to the labor environment and the cargo it carries exemplify that. By employing an unmanned fleet of drones, the level of safety has risen while significantly curtailing the theft of the cargo in transport (by almost one-half).

Moreover, the PKP CARGO Group is a partner in dialogue whose purpose is to identify the needs and expectations of employees and the society and to react and adapt to them.

Social dialogue in PKP CARGO S.A. is based on the principles contemplated in the commonly prevailing laws, the Company Collective Bargaining Agreement and the memoranda defining the mutual obligations of the parties to social dialogue in the Company. The basic form of dialogue takes place through regular meetings to discuss current issues of material importance to the employer and the employees, which are held, in principle, once a month on the unit level and once a quarter on the Company level. The Company respects and improves the principles of cooperation between social partners, which contributes to implementation of modern and growth-minded solutions to enhance the company’s competitiveness and effectiveness while maintaining social peace. The efforts aiming at improving social dialogue are exemplified by the Partnership Dialogue Workshops conducted in 2017 on the employer’s initiative in cooperation with representatives of other companies from the rail sector, and which contributed to increasing the participants’ awareness in building a culture of dialogue and co-participatory leadership in execution of business processes.

The PKP CARGO Group commenced work in 2017 as one of the largest employers in Poland on implementing systemic solutions to underpin the hiring of new employees. These efforts fall within the scope of three major programs:

  • Internship program: a program dedicated to graduates of secondary schools and universities as well as evening and weekend students. Its purpose is to hire staff with no or limited professional experience (up to a year) who, following completion of a 3-month paid internship, will be able to start work on the basis of an employment contract. They will ultimately take over the tasks performed by the retiring employees. 
  • Scholarship program: this program is to establish future relationships with secondary technical schools and second tier vocational schools specializing in railway professions. Last years’ students who meet the required criteria will receive scholarships financed by PKP CARGO and will be employed by the Company following completion of their education and acquisition of appropriate qualifications.
  • Cooperation with the local employment offices: thanks to this program the candidates will acquire the basic qualifications required in connection with the work in the field of railway traffic management and safety, as well as in the maintenance-related positions.

In addition, cooperation with the Polish Ministry of Education was started in 2017 to reinstate vocational education by drafting new curricula to deliver education in railway-related professions.

The PKP CARGO Group also actively participates in talks pertaining to changes in the legal and formal environment: in April 2017 a meeting was held between the CEO of PKP CARGO and the Director of CER concerning EU regulations to reduce noise pollution on the rail and measures to equalize the rules for the operation of rail operators and road carriers. In May 2017 a delegation from PKP CARGO including Management Board representatives took part in meetings concerning the EU transport agenda held in Brussels. In turn, in June 2017 it participated in SERA’s regional conference held in Berlin and entitled Single European Railway Area Conference Central.

Among the CSR projects carried out in 2017, particular emphasis should be placed on the following three projects:


“POST-ACCIDENT PSYCHOLOGICAL SUPPORT for employees of train crews, other employees directly associated with conducting the rail traffic and rail traffic safety, and members of permanent rail commissions”. The purpose of the project is to increase rail traffic safety through psychological support of the human factor. The project is carried out in all organizational units and covers more than 7000 employees. Through performance of the Post-Accident Psychological Support project, PKP CARGO increases rail traffic safety. PKP CARGO received a distinction from the Office of Rail Transport in the second edition of the Safety Culture in Rail Transport Contest.

2. PKP CARGO is the patron of rail technology history

For 14 years, PKP CARGO, as the largest Polish cargo rail carrier and main patron of rail technology history, has been maintaining historic rolling stock in Chabówka in Małopolskie Voivodship, and it has been co-funding, jointly with the local governments of Wielkopolskie Voivodship, the operations of more than 100-years old Wolsztyn Railway Roundhouse which has had the status of the Cultural Institution since 1 January 2017.

PKP CARGO also promotes the rail traditions by organizing the following events in Chabówka: “Parowozjada”, “Summer with Steam Locomotives”, “Tourist Trails of Małopolskie Voivodship”, Open-Air Museum of Rolling Stock in Chabówka.

PKP CARGO also collaborates with non-profit social organizations which are actively involved in protecting the historic rolling stock artifacts, development of tourist rail traffic and promotion of tourism, and provides financial as well as technical support to such organizations.


For a few years, PKP CARGO has been carrying out a project entitled A Running-Friendly Company, which is supported on two pillars. The first one is the sports pillar which promotes physical activities. It is pursued through participation of our teams in marathons, also international ones. The second one is the aid pillar. Through participation in running events, PKP CARGO employees helped the beneficiaries of the foundation which organized the run.

The employees’ involvement and the Management Board’s decision on additional partnership involvement in the running project all contributed to raising more than PLN 1.6 million. The raised amount was earmarked for providing aid to the foundation’s specific beneficiaries, most frequently persons after limb amputations.