Our Corporate Governance

Future - Technological assumptions


PKP CARGO S.A. uses drones to protect its trains from theft. Actions taken by the Company bring positive effects – limitation of the number of thefts, increased security, as well as possibility to inspect trains remotely – all the above are the arguments for the Company to further invest in this technology.

Until now the feet of drones of PKP CARGO S.A. consisted of two types of machines „DJI Phantom 3” and „Eagle”. At present the Company also uses modern, super light, drone „Bielik” equipped with even better cameras than the ones used so far. Drones transmit registered images live to the Threat Prevention Team. Thanks to that, employees of the Team may respond quickly to theft.

Railway traffic safety

To ensure railway traffic safety, PKP CARGO S.A. gradually implements new solutions. They comprise above all two areas: professional preparation and training of employees and the development of IT systems to support transport process management. The Company also develops EKL (Electronic Logistics Book) IT system, introducing new functionalities based on modern IT solutions and on GPS technology.

Production of wheel sets

In the Rolling Stock Repair Plant PKP CARGOTABOR in Zduńska Wola-Karsznice a modern line of wheel set production and repairs was put into operation. Thanks to the new investment the Plant will eventually increase the number of repaired units by as much as 150 per cent. The Rolling Stock Repair Plant PKP CARGOTABOR in Karsznice is one of the few in Poland to perform comprehensive repairs of wheel sets for wagons and locomotives. In 2013 the plant started the process of equipping car wheel sets with discs and in 2016 the Company’s engineers started work on their own construction. The project was completed successfully.

In connection with major demand for wheel sets the project assumed the production of a railway car set with the parameters most sought after in the market. Thanks to obtaining of appropriate certificates, the sets will be able to be marketed in the entire European Union. Also the plant in Zduńska Wola is to extend the catalogues of  products on offer. The Management Board of PKP CARGOTABOR decided to continue the construction process in the Plant. Currently intense work is in progress on certification of the next three types of wheel sets. There are also plans to extend the wheel set repair line for locomotives.

Composite Brake inserts

PKP CARGO S.A., in the performance of the program of acoustic modernization of the operated freight wagons, increasingly during periodical repairs replaces cast iron inserts of brake blocks with LL type composite inserts. The program under which approx. 1400 wagons have already been modernized is the response to the requirements of the currently amended technical interoperability specification pertaining to noise emitted by rolling stock (Noise TSI), not only for newly built freight wagons but also for the existing wagons.

On 20 December PKP CARGO S.A. signed a contract with Knorr-Bremse Systemy Kolejowe Polska Sp. z o.o. for deliveries of LL composite brake blocks (low friction) for installation in the freight wagons used.