Our Corporate Governance

Future - Assumptions regarding the natural environment

The activity of PKP CARGO S.A. is not geared only towards the realization of business objectives and achievement of the highest possible financial results.  We follow the sustainable development principles and apply due care to be an enterprise that is the least onerous for the environment, including the natural environment.  Even though rail freight transport, which is our core business, is already environmentally friendly in its own right compared to other modes of transport, we do engage in further efforts to minimize our environmental footprint by using measures and technologies that eliminate potential risks. All our capital expenditures and services are and will be in the future analyzed in terms of their environmental impact. We are constantly working to modernize our rolling stock in order to optimize fuel and energy consumption, minimize noise emissions and increase transport safety. We are planning projects that should improve our energy efficiency, we supervise low-emission sources by eliminating and modernizing our existing coal-fired boiler rooms. We develop pro-environmental attitudes by conducting educational campaigns among our employees. When ordering services, we demand that our contractors also show respect for the environment.

In the coming years, we intend to continue with a responsible environmental policy, in the hope that the environmental benefits of rail transport will be positively perceived by an increasing part of our community.