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Stakeholders map

GRI G4-18, G4-24, G4-25

Stakeholders map

PKP CARGO Group’s activity involves work for all key areas of economy. It also involves exerting influence on different stakeholders interested in the operations and building of the value of the entire organization. Analyzing these impacts, the Group has defined a circle of stakeholders, the relations with whom are particularly important in the process of building the Group’s value.

Financial institutions

Banks and insurers are financial institutions cooperating with the PKP CARGO Group to the largest extent. In addition to day-to-day financial and insurance service, they provide, among others, funding for execution of the Group’s investment plans.


PKP CARGO S.A.’s share capital is divided into 44,786,917 shares. The main shareholders are: PKP S.A., Nationale-Nederlanden OFE, AEGON PTE, MetLife OFE and Aviva OFE.

Social organizations

Social organizations constitute one of the engines of development of a civil society. The effects of the activity of local organizations can be seen basically in every region. That is why the PKP CARGO Group actively support a number of initiatives in the area of environmental protection and ecology (including initiatives related to ecology of transport), science and education, culture and art, safety and leveling out social differences.

Customers / business partners

The biggest recipients of the services provided by the PKP CARGO Group are: Arcelor Mittal Group PKP CARGO CONNECT Sp. z o.o. Operating on the freight transport market, the Group is dependent on the largest supplier of access services to rail infrastructure in Poland, namely PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe S.A. (PKP PLK). Additionally, PKP Energetyka S.A. is the Group’s main supplier of traction fuel and traction energy.


The PKP CARGO Group employs over 23 thousand people. PKP CARGO’s expertise is based above all on the knowledge and experience of its employees who build the success of the Group. Experienced staff responds skillfully to market challenges, thus enabling PKP CARGO to grow and achieve its objectives on a day-by-day basis.

Local communities

The communities living in the areas where the PKP CARGO Group conducts operations; as a consequence the Group may influence a number of aspects of their daily life. In addition to the fact that the Group is one of the biggest and the most reliable employers in Poland it is also an organization supporting numerous initiatives in the area of science, culture and sport.