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GRI G4-3, G4-4, G4-5, G4-6, G4-9, G4-17

Both PKP CARGO S.A. and the PKP CARGO Group are the biggest in Poland and one of the biggest rail freight operators
in the European Union (“EU”). The Group’s development is focused on enhancing and extending its operations in terms of its product range and geographic area. At present, the Group is the leader on the Polish market (according to the Office of Rail Transport – UTK[1]) and it is the second largest operator on the Czech market (according to SZDC[2]). Notwithstanding the areas mentioned above, the Company and the Group conduct and constantly develop operations in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Lithuania and Hungary.

Headquarters of the Parent Company - PKP CARGO S.A. is located in Warsaw at Grójecka 17 Street.

The Group (the Parent Company, AWT a.s., PKP CARGO SERVICE Sp. z o.o.) offers domestic and international transport of cargo as well as comprehensive logistics services for rail freight. In addition, the following services are provided to support clients and supplement the offering:

PKP Cargo

1. Office of Rail Transport
2. Správa železniční dopravní cesty (entity responsible for management of the state railway network in the Czech Republic)

Structure of equity links of PKP CARGO S.A. as at 31 December 2017

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Structure of the AWT Group as at 31 December 2017

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