Environmental Protection Inspector, PKP CARGO. With PKP since 1975. Passionate about physical activity, a marathon runner.


Fascinated by steam trains, in 1975 I started my education and work as a Mechanic in the Locomotive Depot in Tarnowskie Góry. Initially I repaired steam locomotives and then heavy diesel-powered locomotives, commonly referred to as “Gagarin”. After 15 years I joined the Social Department, I organized popular day trips to the Krakowsko-Częstochowska Jurassic Highland, during which you could climb rocks and visit caves.

With time, I was entrusted with issues related to environmental protection. I have been dealing with this area for a dozen or so years. Now I work as an Inspector. I take care of the level and quality of environmental emissions as a result of operation of the rolling stock and buildings. I also deal with the greenery and prevention of environmental damage. As an enthusiast of tourism and field sports, I deeply care for the good and beauty of the natural environment.


I got inspired to run three years ago by my four-legged friend, a foundling German shepherd mix called Rajd - to keep up with him I had to run! With time, I stopped lagging behind.

I got my first medal after completing the Orlen Warsaw Marathon in 2015, which I ran in the PKP Cargo team. Since then, I run whenever I have time. I run regularly, but only for pleasure. I often “race” trains. I have already completed 7 marathons, including a winter mountain one, and several tens of other races. My goal is not to improve my personal records, but to finish the race at the stadium full of supporters. The medals give me a lot of thrill and satisfaction – because of these emotions I recommend this form of activity to everyone who does not run yet.

Apart from running, I love the mountains – from little ones to snow-covered five-thousanders. I often hike and camp in the mountains with a group of fellow railway men. I also took part in an extreme rafting event called “Nie Byle Czym”. This year, I expanded my passions to include ice swimming.