Train dispatcher, PKP Cargo. With PKP since 1985. Collects railway-themed postage stamps from around the world.


My ties with the railways developed still in my secondary school, when I commuted to school by train for five years on the Barcin – Inowrocław line. I started working for PKP in 1985, continuing our family traditions. My mum’s brothers worked at the railways and now, apart from me, also my brother is a railway man.

Initially, I worked as a Forwarder at the Inowrocław Rąbinek station. After 15 years I was moved to the Janikowo station, where I worked as a Train Dispatcher. I discharged this function also at the Inowrocław station, although I worked more at a computer than on the railway tracks. It is here where, after 30 years of work, I saw for the first time an electric locomotive – ET-22 from the inside. I drove the wagons to the home station of Inowrocław Rąbinek. This was a ride at a speed of ... 10 km/h.

Currently I’m employed at the position of GTW Senior Dispatcher in the Company’s North Unit in the Transport and Operations Section in Bydgoszcz. I deal with PKP Cargo’s freight wagon management.


For 40 years my passion has been collecting postage stamps from around the world, especially railway-themed stamps. I have never been attracted by international travel so I would bring stamps back from my travels around Poland. I looked them in philatelic shops because it was difficult to collect the whole series at the post office.

To me, stamps are little works of art. My most interesting specimens showing wagons with old locomotives come from Cuba, Guatemala, Paraguay or Israel. In my collection I have stamps with amazing denominations, e.g. the whole series issued on the anniversary of establishing the Virtuti Militari Order from 1992 and a stamp from the Barcelona Olympic Games from 1992 with – both with the denominations of PLN 20,000.