Foreman, PKP Cargo. With PKP since 1986. Amateur carpenter in his leisure time.


I have been raised in a railway tradition because my parents had professional connections with PKP units. Also my wife and her parents and siblings pride themselves on railway traditions.

My adventure with the railways started soon after I completed my automotive vocational school before I was drafted to the army. In PKP I was hired to work for the railway crane repair unit, for the combustion engine repair workshop, to be more precise, where I still work today; so I’ve been there for over 31 years. After six years I became a Foreman. I’ve been improving my qualifications all the time: I became qualified to operate screw lifts, davits and trap doors. Then I obtained the qualifications to maintain these machines and railway cranes.

In my work I was also involved in: construction, carpentry, painting, panel laying, plumbing, glazing, tin-smithing and electricity, so practically everything for which I gathered skills and experience while building my house. In all these activities in I am accompanied by my crew colleagues, whom I can always count on.


To improve my skills, outside work, I obtained the qualifications of a MIG and MAG and TIG welder, which helps me lot in pursuing my passion. Some furniture that I design and make combine wood and metal, which offers huge possibilities and stimulates my imagination.

As it’s often the case, it was my dreams that drove me towards my passion. I really wanted to have wooden terrace furniture, but since my terrace is quite big I decided to design and make the furniture myself. The design and making process exceeded my expectations and encouraged me to make something else. At the time my little daughters wanted a swing. I had an idea right away and, although it was quite brave as the swing was to be 4 meters high, I decided to implement it. The children’s joy was just priceless! And that’s how I fell in love with what I do.

Over the years there have been more ideas and more needs. My eldest daughter moved out and asked me to build a bench with a spacious chest which she proudly shows to everyone until this day. Once I made a surprise for her and after she came back from holiday there were two chairs and wooden table waiting for her on the balcony, perfect for a summer al fresco breakfast.

Whatever needs to be done, I always put my whole heart into it, and what I’m most happy and proud about is that I do everything with my own hands. The satisfaction is great!