About report


This is the first integrated report of the PKP CARGO Group covering 2017. Preparing it, we used the data and information which in legible and clear manner ensure better understanding of the business model in place in our organization and show how this model and the Group’s strategy translate into its results and prospects.

The key aim of PKP CARGO Group’s first integrated report is to show the Stakeholders how the company shapes and creates its value. The integrated report presents comprehensively how PKP CARGO transforms the resources and capitals into results and values. We have made efforts to present this process in a condensed and simplified manner in the value creation model. The report strives to combine the financial and non-financial aspects, attaching the same importance to each area. We also address the legal requirements, paying attention to reporting of non-financial data.

Preparing the report, we relied on the IIRC (International Integrated Reporting Council) guidelines and the latest reporting standards defined by GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) indicators. The guidelines are reflected in the structure of the report and the GRI areas identified by the PKP CARGO Group. In addition, we wanted to ensure that the contents of the report answer several basic questions regarding our Group to our Stakeholders:

  • What does the Group do and what are the external conditions in which it operates?
  • What are the opportunities and threats that influence the possibility of creating value by the Group?
  • How does the corporate governance structure support creating its value?
  • To what extent has the Group achieved its strategic objectives and what are the effects of these efforts in the context of capitals and capital management efficiency?
  • Where does the Group want to get to and how does it intend to do it?

You will find the answers to these and many more questions in this report.

As the report is published on-line we had the possibility of using tools and functionalities that will make familiarization with its contents easier, among others:

  • Interactive data (KPI) broken down into 6 types of capital
  • Interactive chart showing the equity price against the background of key events, supporting comparison with selected stock exchange indices
  • Interactive GRI table
  • Download center
  • Interactive charts
  • Downloadable tables
  • Internal search engine
  • Logistics center providing quick access to the most frequently visited report elements 

The leading theme of the report and the story that PKP CARGO wants to present is a year full of success. Each section of the main page is entitled “Success”. Indeed 2017 brought new contracts, new technologies and more work for PKP CARGO. Our success is founded on people – full of passion employees and professionals. It is thanks to them and their commitment in daily work that we are the market leader and we strive to maintain this position. The PKP CARGO Group is not a self-contained entity but a GROUP. We pursue our goals together and create value for our stakeholders together, therefore the title of our integrated report is “PKP CARGO. Kolej na sukces” [“PKP CARGO. Train to success”].

The integrated report comprises numerous icons and animations. We want the perusal of the report to be enjoyable for the readers and difficult issues to be more friendly. Please have a look at our Stakeholder Map and Materiality Matrix. The heart of the report lies in the Value Creation Model linked to the Strategy, which describes in detail the goals that PKP Cargo has set for the nearest future.

Our first integrated report is the work of a number of people, and the exercise was interdepartmental. Consequently, we have collected a lot of information and data, providing a cross-sectional picture of our company. Our report aims to bring closer the uniqueness of PKP CARGO Group’s operations in the market. We want PKP Cargo to be perceived as a modern company addressing modern trends, and publication of an integrated report is an element thereof.